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Michael Johns is an Adventure Lifestyle/Night Photographer & Videographer from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Michael Johns

Michael Johns is an Adventure lifestyle and Night Photographer/Videographer from Kingsford, Michigan and attended Northern Michigan University. Currently Michael is off exploring St. Louis while interning with the guys at RGG EDU. A camera is his main tool for producing his work, but Michael’s vision completes the image. Whether it was playing sports growing up, writing, or visualizing a story/video/picture, his vision has always shined through. "Michael’s keen attention to detail along with his natural ability to learn and understand how things will fall into place is unique. Especially when it comes to lighting his night photos. He sure knows what he envisions and how to direct a scene to create the final image he wants. It is something special to watch.” -Steve Lindberg (retired teacher/counselor, state Representative 109th District of Michigan and aspiring photographer)

Ask any of his close friends about the countless amount of “crazy ideas” he has on a daily basis. Or the number of evenings you will find him on the hunt for the next star studded image.  His friends say he’s determined and it only takes one “crazy idea” to be the next big thing. Michael loves adventure and experiences. He encourages people to get out and explore, especially at night.

Michael loves being behind a camera and is influenced heavily by music and his own personal writing and experiences. Other artists that inspire him are Michael Kenna, David Talley, Troy Paiva, Noel Kerns, Chris Garrison, and Caroline Jones. As an artist he continues to work on improving his craft. Although he can't read palms or predict what’s going to happen in 2020 Michael likes to envision "what if"?


Lets connect! If you’d like to get to know me, or follow my work, send me an email or follow me on social media! My friends call me MJ!

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-Michael Johns




Certifications & Awards

  • FAA Part 107 UAS Remote Pilot Certification.
  • Viewers Choice Award- SAG Gallery, Marquette MI: Diversity Common Reader- April 2016


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